For those of you who are not familiar with this, OrgSync is a great tool that allows executive board members to connect with their members and keep them up to date. A committee of students and administrators led by Student Government has been formed to re-launch this. This past January 2015, OrgSync was updated and rebranded under a whole new name: StormSync! It will be incredibly useful and essential to your organization’s success. However, we need your help to accomplish that!

All organizations are mandated to update the following items. Everyone is still encouraged to add additional content and customize your page to their liking. However, at minimum the required items below must be updated:
– Welcome Message
– Profile photo
– Cover photo
– Generic Email
– General Body Meetings
– Description
– Social Media

To access your OrgSync Organization page, you must have administrative access. If you do not have access you must request access from either campus activities or by emailing! You can log on to StormSync by clicking on the link on mySJU next to Student Email and check out the site without access.

Here are some additional resources:


Forms Walkthrough

If you need any additional assistance in updating your portal please do not hesitate to contact us!