SGI Awards


In addition to the Executive Board awards presented each year, SGI presents a number of awards, including:

Father Easterly Award
The Fr. Easterly Award is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has made the most significant contribution to Student Government, Inc. during their tenure. This award is voted by the SGI floor.

2016 Recipient | Ridge McKnight
2015 Recipient | Ada Lee
2014 Recipient | Elizabeth Sheehan

Jerry Farelli Award
This award is an annual award given to a member of student government who represents that of former student government member Jerry Farelli. No matter what he was asked to accomplish one could always expect that it would be done effectively and without much of a need for accolades, which is why he could fittingly be described as an unsung hero. Jerry always gave 110%, but never had the intention of becoming a member of the executive board.

2016 Recipient | Michael Beneventano

Forever SGI Alumnus Award
The forever SGI Alumnus Award is given to an alum of Student Government who continues to serve SGI and the St. John’s Community.

2016 Recipient | Elizabeth Sheehan

Organization of the Year
The Organization of the Year is given to an organization which has exhibited outstanding drive and passion to enrich the St. John’s community.

2013-2014 | P.A.R.E.
2015-2016 | Haitian Society