Senior Scholarship

In 2012, the Student Government, Inc. Senior Senator along with the senior class decided to create the Student Government, Inc. Senior Scholarship. This annual scholarship replaced the annual senior class gift as a way to further cultivate the Vincentian spirit within the University. This scholarship allows students, faculty, alumni, family and friends to support St. John’s own current students. Student Government, Inc. exists to support the students of St. John’s and this scholarship ensures that students are supported in all aspects of their college education.

Each year over one hundred upcoming senior students apply for the Student Government, Inc. Senior Scholarship. A selection board comprised of SGI members selects a handful of winners based on each applicant’s academic excellence, financial need and dedication to the university and the mission.  In just four short years, more than $50,000 in financial assistance has been awarded to over twenty-five St. John’s senior students.  With this campaign, we hope to support even more of our own students who have done so much for the university. We want to ensure that students are given the opportunity to complete their education and enter the world as a proud St. John’s graduate. The grace of this scholarship is the opportunity for the St. John’s community to directly support current St. John’s students.

It is our goal to have each student and as many friends, alumni, faculty and staff participate in this campaign in an effort to cultivate a spirit of truly giving back. St. John’s University creates countless opportunities for students and Student Government Inc, along with your help, would like to ensure that these opportunities remain available for all students.



Class of 2017 Senior Scholarship Winners

Opjyot Kaur
Amy Chin-Hong
Miguel Vasquez
Carisma Cousins
Rhiannon Briseno
Lauren Carreno
Deanna Danke
Joanne Corrielus
Suzanne McCarthy
Damayra Figueroa