President’s Farewell, in the Year in Review Newsletter!


Dear Fellow Johnnies,

As I reflect on this past year, this ride has been simply incredible. I have been continually supported by a passionate and dedicated team of student leaders and compassionate administrators. I truly enjoyed serving you all, and wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!

The spilt ticket Executive Board united platforms of “Improving the Collegiate Experience” and “Creating Opportunity Realizing Excellence” certainly achieved its vision. During our term we focused on three priorities: strengthening and empowering organizations, fostering a greater St. John’s community spirit, and improving student services. Rather than list everything we’ve accomplished — and trust me, I could go on for a while — I will give six of Student Government’s greatest accomplishments this past year.

First, we established a fully functioning website. The website is used to provide updates on what the executive board & committees are working on and a go to place for organizations’ resources.

Second, we expanded the Budget Committee by adding financial consultants. These consultants enhanced transparency with organizations and developed the quality of the requests.

Three, the school spirit committee strengthened the RedZone Student Section. The committee hosted over sixty events and added a sponsorship, Regina’s Johnny of the Month.

Fourth, we developed our relationships with many departments on campus, allowing us to successfully improve various student services. Services such as storm card replacement fees, printing money, and Montgoris basketball court.

Fifth, we have aligned with President Gempesaw’s fourth strategic priority by increasing our community partnerships. The Budget Committee and Student Services Committee have set the foundation for a student discount program. They have already compiled a list of over twenty local businesses that currently offer discounts to St. John’s students.

The sixth accomplishment is that we have not only increased but also enhanced our SGIListens initiative. We presented two forums, Academic and Student Experience, which both had over 225 students in attendance. This allowed an appropriate means for students to get their questions answered and concerns heard.

Again, I could ramble off all day, but it is my hope that these six initiatives highlight Student Government’s many successes this past year. This year was one for the ages, as we all shared memories that will last a lifetime. There was Stormfest, Humans of New York, the 25th annual Winter Carnival, Relay for Life, Spring Fling, Hip Hop is Nas and much much more! To the entire St. John’s community, thank you for an exceptional year together during my service to the university and the student body.

Lastly, congratulations to ACE, Advancing Collegiate Engagement, lead by President – elect Chiara Miuccio. I am certain that the student body is represented by the best of the best and that they will do a tremendous job!

God Bless St. John’s University and America!

Ridge McKnight
2015-2016 Student Government, Inc. President

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