Power to Organize

Want to Start a New Organization or Reactivate? Power to  Organize Applications are available in the Fall Semester every year!

Below is an example application from the 2016-2017 academic year. Please use the application below for REFERENCE ONLY, as applications will only be considered if submitted on StormSync. All undergraduate students will receive an email to their St. John’s email address once this year’s application is open.

Download (PDF, 6KB)


The first step in starting an organization is to have a well rounded idea of what your possible organization will consist of. Once your framework is set you will need to gather a group of 24 more students devoted to the cause of your organization. This will create a roster of 25 members (including yourself) who will serve as the starting members of the organization. This roster should include a full Executive Board. Other Executive Board positions may be filled at the discretion of the President but this is not required. All Executive Board positions must be indicated on your student roster which is to be submitted with your application.

Each application must also include a constitution. There are no formal instructions as to how the constitution should be constructed. However, keep in mind the constitution should serve the best interest of the organization. Some starting points may be referencing the constitutions of organizations already existing on campus, speaking with your faculty advisor, or referring to your organization’s national body constitution, if applicable. You can use this constitution template as an outline.

Each organization must have a faculty advisor supporting their cause. Your faculty advisor is a member of the faculty or possibly the St. John’s administration. The faculty advisor’s primary jobs are serving as a supporter of your organization’s mission, offering advice, and overseeing the major workings of the organization. While they do not have to have a day-to-day involvement with the organization, further participation is encouraged and often beneficial. Just keep in mind if approved, the organization must stay a student run organization.

In addition to the constitution each application must include a tentative calendar of events upon approval. On this calendar you must give dates and times as well as a clear, realistic description of two events and two community service events your organization will be participating in during the Spring Semester.

Upon completion of the form you will receive more information from the Organizations Committee of SGI, which will include details about presenting to the Floor of Student Government and any necessary paperwork or actions.

Happy planning and good luck to all! While we encourage everyone interested in creating an organization to do so, not everyone will be accepted. For any further questions or concerns please contact the Organizations Committee or email us at studentgovernment@stjohns.edu. You can also stop by the SGI Office located in D’Angelo Center 215.