Power to Organize


Interested in starting a new organization? Applications are out now to apply for Power to Organize!

Here’s a little bit about the process:

For an organization to become recognized by Student Government Inc., they have to present their potential organization to SGI at Power to Organize. Power to Organize takes place every Fall Semester, and although next fall’s date has yet to be announced, it is usually sometime in October. For reference, this last Power to Organize began in the beginning of October, with applications due on October 13th, 2017 at 5pm and the presentations following in early November. Organizations must have an executive board (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary), a constitution, a list of 25 interested students, and a few other things in order to apply. At Power to Organize, organizations will present themselves to the SGI E-board and Organizations Committee, and once they are approved, the final organizations will be voted on by the SGI floor for approval.

Strong candidates for becoming an organization will show a need/interest at St. John’s. This means that they have held unofficial meetings and events and kept track of their members and attendees. It helps if there are a number of returning members as well as an executive board. The organization also cannot be too similar to other organizations on campus. The org should state what it can bring to SJU, as well as what sets itself apart from other campus organizations. A list of Campus Organizations can be found on the SGI website.



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