1. How do I get involved in SGI?

Getting involved in SGI is easy! There are a number of ways to join, and new members are always welcome!

One way to become involved in SGI is to run in our Elections. In the fall Freshmen can run for our representative positions to represent their school. In the spring semester Elections are held both sophomore, junior, and senior representatives as well as Executive board positions.

Another way to become a part of SGI is by joining one of our ten Committees! Applications for Chair or Co-chair positions are available usually in April for the next academic year. You can also join as a general body member! If you’re interested just shoot SGI an email!

2. How often does SGI meet and can I attend those meetings?

Every two weeks SGI holds a meeting to conduct business. These meetings are always on Monday and begin promptly at 5:00 PM. All students are welcomed to attend. This information is available on our calendar.

3. Who is allowed to vote in an SGI meeting?

Only elected members of Student Government, Inc. are allowed to vote during a meeting. This includes Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior representatives as well as the Executive Board (excluding the President).

4. Where is the SGI office located?

The SGI office is located in DAC 215! All students are welcome to stop by if they have any questions.

5. I have a question but I don’t know who I should contact in SGI, who should I email?

Email studentgovernment@stjohns.edu with any concerns, and we’ll direct you to the right person who can help you!

6. Who advises the Executive Board of SGI?

Jack Flynn, Director of Conduct, advises the Executive Board.