Budget Committee Consultant


One of the initiatives of the 2015-2016 SGI Executive Board was to add Budget Committee consultant who will be responsible to assist organizations with maximizing their cost efficiency. SGI was able to complete this goal early on; we now have two budget committee consultants available to meet with organizations.

The purpose of employing a financial consultant within the operations of the Budget Committee is to ensure that organizations and their representatives have a direct line of communication with our committee at each step of the special allocations requisition process. The Financial Consultants can aid organizations by doing the following:

a) Setting up brief meetings with representatives of the organization prior to Budget Presentation Meetings to discuss the most cost effective vendors and resources for its prospective event, and how best to prepare for the presentation. Organizations will be informed of this added service, and it will be OPTIONAL, however it will be strongly encouraged (The Chairperson will be present for these meetings).

b) Act as a direct liaison for that particular organization to answer all inquiries and address any concerns (email AND direct phone number will be provided).

c) Consult with the organization after it either receives funding to ensure it is applied properly for its upcoming event or to assist that organization in finding alternative sources of funding should the request be denied (almost exclusively CAB).

If you are interested in this service, please contact our Financial Consultant Co-Chairs, Justin Alick (Justinalick@me.com) and Aaron Richards (aaron.richards14@stjohns.edu) for guidance on your special allocations submission, and to further ensure your organization is in full compliance with our Budget Committee By-Laws. They will make sure you are on the right path to receiving funds for your events!


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